SU Midterm Board Reviews 2022-2023

Shane Symington 

President and CEO of the Students’ Union entered this position this year as the university has continued transitioning out of the pandemic restrictions. He has successfully had productive conversations with the rest of the board and presented new ideas.

In addition, he has continued some of the initiatives from last year – including the Gender-Based Violence Rally and the health and wellness month in March. He has also bought a ping pong table for student leisure in the 24-hour lounge. 

Described as outgoing, helpful, easy to talk to, open to ideas, and a good leader, President Symington has a good relationship with board members. He is noted as someone who stays in line with policy and is professional with the board in formal and informal settings.

Encouraged to continue to have a presence on the Brantford campus, President Symington has been attentive with his relationship with Brantford Laurier students and it is noted that he reaches out more than past presidents and is praised as being a “refreshing” President.

As the year continues, President Symington wants to see a diverse perspective from more students who can speak out about their unique experiences.

Francesco Del Giudice

Chair Del Giudice has proven himself to be respectable to the board and dedicated to his leadership role. He has successfully been in line with deadlines and policies while encouraging insight from other directors in meetings.

Chair Del Giudice was praised for being well organized and on top of deadlines, while also maintaining a general direction in board meetings, with only one meeting going over time.

It was recognized that although Chair Del Giudice was reluctant to be Chair originally, he found his footing quickly, despite the large workload he is responsible for.

The success of the board meetings has been consistent throughout the term, with the agenda being followed and debate flowing naturally regarding policy and decisions. It was noted by board members that there is a clear divide between those who contribute regularly on the board compared to those who are not as engaged.

Chair Del Giudice has demonstrated fairness and friendliness to directors, especially first-year directors who he guides and encourages.

Blake Phillips

Vice Chair Phillips has been commended on how responsibly he uses student funds and has campaigned for training for all board members to be knowledgeable about policy and governance. 

He has taken tangible steps towards fulfilling his campaign promises and has maintained open communication with the board while being praised for his leadership skills.

Vice Chair Phillips is recognized as a rational voice on the board who is dedicated to his role and to making meaningful change. He is classified as an exceptional Vice Chair by his team.

Involved in many board committees this year, Vice Chair Phillips has showcased impressive ambition.

Described as being organized and active, Vice Chair Phillips is said to always be prepared and bring great points to meetings.

Carson Boettinger

Director Boettinger has maintained successful and continuous communication with the board and is said to be extremely professional in his role. Like many directors on the board, he is encouraged to continue growing and contributing to discussions during board meetings.

Cole Dermott

Director Dermott has committed to finding a good balance between school and being on the board as he has missed a few board meetings without sending regrets, but he maintains a good relationship with the board. 

Involved in numerous committees and extracurriculars, Director Dermott displays ambition to dedicate time to the board and contribute meaningfully to the discussions that he is present for.

Emma Murphy

As the only woman on the board, Director Murphy is praised for being a strong member of the board who brings Greek Life into SU conversations and successfully addresses problems that students have on campus.

Involved in multiple committees, she is dedicated to her role and sends regrets when she misses meetings. Director Murphy is advised to continue contributing to discussions and debates during board meetings.

Michel LeClair

Director LeClair has been passionate about bringing programming back in person and keeping the SU accountable. He is also said to bring forth discussion around Truth and Reconciliation to the board.

He has maintained a positive relationship with the board and consistently communicates with the Chair and other board members about policy.

Mohammad Abu-Rshaid

Despite this only being Director Abu-Rshaid’s first year on the board, he was classified by his team as one of the strongest directors. 

As the Brantford director, he has increased the presence of the board and is constantly involved in vibrant discussions with his team.

Director Abu-Rshaid has taken tangible steps to increase campus safety and increase advocacy for the Brantford campus. 

His dedication to his role is showcased through his involvement in numerous committees and perfect attendance to board meetings. 

He is described to be a good representation for the Brantford campus through his dedication to discussing policies in meetings.

Nicholas Betivoiu

*Nicholas Betivoiu could not complete a board review with The Cord at this time. He is encouraged to speak up more frequently and contribute more meaningfully to discussions.

Nur Elmasri

Director Elmasri has shown up to meetings consistently and contributed to discussions effectively to solve problems with the rest of the board. He tries to be a voice for students and is involved in committees and senate, showcasing his dedication as a board member.

Zachary Goodwin

Director Goodwin has successfully been bringing about discussion to change the wording around policy for it to be better understood and accessible. He is said to have tangibly contributed to direct inspection committees and is dedicated to the board.

He is encouraged to speak up more in board meetings so that he can contribute meaningfully to discussions with the rest of his team.

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