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Students were invited to the 24 Hour Lounge on Thursday night for the Long Night Against Procrastination. (Photo by: Jody Waardenberg)
Students were invited to the 24 Hour Lounge on Thursday night for the Long Night Against Procrastination. (Photo by: Jody Waardenberg)

With the end of the fall term drawing near, the Writing Centre hosted their second Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP) on Nov. 14 to help students focus on completing any final assignments, papers or studying they might have.

“I think it helps to build better habits,” said Boba Samuels, Writing Centre manager. “If we can get students used to the idea that there are all of these support services out there, like the Math Centre, the Writing Centre and [supplemental instruction], then hopefully they will use that next term as well.”

The event ran from 8:00 p.m. on Thursday until 8:00 a.m. Friday and was held in the Student Leadership Centre in the 24 Hour Lounge. For the full 12 hours all of the students that attended the event had access to tutors to assist with writing,math and study skills.

“It’s grown a lot from last year,” said writing consultant Jordana Garbati. “We have about 13 tutors on shift at any time: six or seven from the Writing  Centre, a couple from math, and the rest from SI.”

The Writing Centre held its first LNAP in March 2013.  According to Samuels, LNAP hailed such positive feedback from students last year that they decided to expand their academic aid offerings so that more students could participate. This meant collaborating with the Mathematics Assistance Centre and Study Skills and Supplemental Instruction Centre (SSC).

On the same night, LNAP also took place for the first time at the Brantford Campus.

“I’m trying to conquer my second assignment for history,” said first-year business student, Riley Campbell. “I heard about this from my TA [Teaching Assistant] and it’s been very helpful.”

“I like it; it’s comfortable,” commented Jamie Geisler, a first-year economics major who was working on his new venture assignment at the event. “It’s easy to go up and talk to [the tutors], and they are easy to find when you need them.”

The organizers of LNAP embraced the feeling of community that was adopted in the 24 Lounge as the event progressed and enjoyed seeing students feeling comfortable interacting with the tutors and writing assistants.

“I think there is lots of energy, students are really appreciative to have the tutors on-hand and the tutors are all so friendly and willing to help,” observed Garbati a few hours into the event.

By the end of the event, Garbati estimated that about 250 students were able to find some academic help which was an increase from last year’s estimate of 50.

“I feel so much more confident after going up, asking a few questions and leaving with answers,” remarked first-year kinesiology student and varsity athlete Cam Janzen. “I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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