Students in Bricker, Ezra area can vote on campus

“They are taking anyone who resides in Ward 7, Poll 3,” said vice president of university affairs Saad Aslam, meaning everyone living in the Bricker and Ezra area is able to vote in the Concourse on the Laurier campus instead of at the Waterloo Public Library, as stated on the City of Waterloo website.

“I was told specifically that the concourse polling station was for Residence students only and that’s the information that they disseminated,” said Aslam. “I heard rumblings that they were taking some people that were in 7-3 and not living on campus and that apparently they can [vote], and that’s not what it was like originally.”

Students living off-campus in this area were therefore left unaware that they could vote in the Concourse.

Despite this, Aslam encouraged that the important thing was for students to come out to the polls and vote.

“We’ve got really strong turnout so far and their voice makes a difference,” concluded Aslam.

For a map of Ward 7, including the area of Poll 3, click here.