Student Publications summer updates


Radio Laurier to reside in current WLUSP office
Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) has been granted space by the university to accommodate Radio Laurier, which WLUSP officially took over on May 1.

The current WLUSP president and finance manager office will be converted into a radio booth. This space is slightly larger than the previous Radio Laurier space in the concourse, which is now being used by the bookstore.

All WLUSP administration will be moving their offices across the hall of the basement of MacDonald House residence to a space previously occupied by ResNet.
– Compiled by Lauren Millet hacked
On Aug.1 The Cord’s website was hacked by an individual under the online identity of “Sora.”

Though the site was fixed the following day, it was hacked and deleted three more times. The site would be left out of commission for the entire month of August.

On Aug. 14, Sora left a message asking for $100 to stop hacking the website.
The matter has been forwarded to Waterloo Regional Police Service.
– Compiled by Lauren Millet

WLUSP passes $25,000 deficit budget
At the Aug. 6 operating budget meeting WLUSP’s board of directors passed a $25,000 deficit budget for the 2009-10 year.

$87,000 in capital expenditures were also passed, which includes additional computers for the office, camera equipment and distribution racks.

The biggest factor in this deficit is WLUSP’s undertaking of Radio Laurier, which the students’ union announced they were cutting this past December.

The station accounts for $20,000 in expenses and has little predicted revenues.

Capital expenditures for the station’s recording equipment total $25,000.

Many cuts were made to all WLUSP departments, including the Investigative Journalism Grant, which is given annually to Laurier students who have the opportunity to report for The Cord from abroad.

Travel and accommodations to cover sports games and attend conferences were significantly reduced, and for the first time individual departments have been asked to fundraise to generate additional revenue.
– Compiled by Lauren Millet

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