Still figuring out what to wear on Homecoming? Our Fashion Columnist provide these helpful steps


I love Homecoming. Although I’m not the biggest fan of school spirit, I always find this upcoming weekend to be one of the most exciting events of the year. I love spending the day in a tipsy stupor, I love all of the screaming and cheering at the football game and I love seeing the streets packed with students. But most of all: I love dressing up.

If you’re still unsure of what to do, I’ve made a quick, comprehensive list in your preparation for Game-Day and the amazing weekend to follow.

Step One: Adorn yourself in purple and gold

Even if it means only throwing on that $80 Laurier hoodie your parents bought you from the bookstore, put some effort in.  You don’t even need to pay an arm or a leg for something from the Bookstore or American Apparel.

If it comes down to it, accessorize. Ardene’s and Icing are the perfect places to pick up headbands, cheap knee-high socks and other quirky items.


This is your day, Edward Cullen.  Own it. Make sure everyone can see you sparkling from day to night.

(If you think glitter is too weak and you want to up the ante, see Step Three).

Step Three: BODY PAINT

Adorning your cheeks in “WLU” and “HAWKS” is always fun, but if you’re trying to make this Homecoming your wildest year ever, paint everything . That includes your arms, your legs, even your chest.

I don’t know why this always happens to me, but every year I end up sitting in front of the handful of boys who have decided to expose their bare chests to the Waterloo wind to show which phrase they decided to spell out.  So if you’re looking to save money, forget buying a shirt.


While not really fashion advice, this is just common courtesy. You don’t have to care about the tradition and you don’t even have to like Homecoming but Saturday is the day where people will have no fear in telling you off. Dance around the Hawk. Jump over it. Just leave it alone.

Happy Homecoming!

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