Starter workout moves for pairs

The last segment of a three-part video series, “Starter workout moves” features participants learning basic exercises with personal trainers at the Laurier Athletic Complex.

1) Medicine ball squat and throw

Activates: glutes, quadriceps, biceps

Keep weight at backs of heels

Legs shoulder width apart

Medicine ball at chest with elbows tucked in

2) Plank Plate Passes

Activates: abdominals, obliques, biceps, triceps

Keep elbows directly below shoulders

Be careful not to shift your weight when passing plates

3) Medicine ball twist and pass

Activates: abdominals, obliques

Keep feet off the floor and crossed the whole time

Maintain a straight back

4) Triceps dip on bench

Activates: triceps

Keep elbows pointed back

Place feet flat on the ground

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