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Photo by Andreas Patsiaorous
Photo by Andreas Patsiaorous

The goal of the Movember foundation’s is to change the “face” of men’s health. To raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues, the Movember foundation encourages men to grow moustaches for the month.

Many students on campus participate each and every November. Last year alone, over 1,500 Wilfrid Laurier University students participated in the campaign and raised over $17,000. This year, Laurier has already collectively raised over $3,000. One student in particular is taking things very seriously this year.

Fifth-year psychology and business student GianPaul Delle Donne is spearheading Laurier’s Movember team for good reason.

“In first and second year my roommate’s dad had tough times dealing with his health and so we decided to raise money ourselves” said Delle Donne. Witnessing this first hand really made him think about the entire men’s health campaign and the significance of fundraising, he said.

“I was also having a tough time with men’s health myself in those early university years, like mental health and stuff. It wasn’t really a positive time, which really made me realize how import generating responsiveness actually is,” he added. Delle Donne then took that call to action further when his friend and mentor kicked off Laurier’s Movember campaign.

“My friend who has now graduated, Andrew Myles, got me involved with it and I’ve essentially taken over his role for the past two years,” he said.

Delle Donne hit the ground running with his Movember efforts this year as the official Movember Canada task force has appointed him to lead Laurier’s operations, an opportunity he is more than willing to take on.

“We [had] our first event at Wilf’s Open Mic night on November third and [will] keep throwing events all month long,” Delle Donne said.

“We started the Instagram account where we are going to be sharing photos of male students’ moustaches, we have the Facebook page with an entire list of events and of course we’re all looking forward to our Turret night” he continued.

Delle Donne said this year has had the best response yet. “A ton of campus clubs and associations have reached out to me wanting to get involved with their events or individual campaigns,” he said. Delle Donne is forecasting their best year yet.

He encouraged all students to get involved whether you can grow a moustache or not. He said “everyone can participate in Movember simply by creating awareness, talking about it and supporting the events.”

“The fact that it covers all areas of men’s health really connects me with the cause and I know connects with other Laurier students as well,” he added.

Whether you decide to grow a moustache or not, Movember is an opportunity to raise awareness for the real mission behind the moustache — promoting men’s health.

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