Spring style


As the temperature becomes warmer every day, we begin to think about the freedom of clothing choices for the spring.

This upcoming season welcomes style for a wide array of consumers. The trends for the spring of 2011 season are full of 1970s vibes by integrating bold colours, flowy textures and the whitest of whites.

The main theme for spring 2011 is sense and sensibility for poised style. Eccentric trends are more than welcomed, but should be toned down enough for the modern mademoiselle taste.

Say goodbye to tired paisley prints and set into sexier, more minimalist ensembles. The sophistication of the 1970s introduces a sultry side of fashion by incorporating sheer and lingerie lace.

Stella McCartney produces lace pieces that prove to be both tasteful and classic. Set out of the house dressed to the nines in everything from underwear to outerwear by flaunting your bustiers, silk bar tops and corsets and never look anything but chic.

Stripes work their way into this season from the heavy influence of Givenchy, Pink Tartan and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Retire that boyfriend-esque style military jacket that was an extremely popular trend in the fall and invest in a safari-inspired piece.

Mix and match this jacket with heavy woven cotton pants that would make you look like you just stepped out of Africa.

The prints of this season show a softer side but are still bold and attention-grabbing.

Alexander McQueen’s graphic prints are dynamic and showcase a new twist. Grab a tribal, bohemian-inspired dress and a fun pair of woven sandals and you scream adventure-seeker fashionista.

Accessories this season are fun and quirky. Don’t bother spending larger amounts of money on them as they tire quickly.

Wander the vintage stores in Toronto to discover some treasures that will complement your outfit by adding brash accessories.

Students have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of these trends in the upcoming first annual WLU fashion show on March 12th in the Turret.

This fashion show will allow you to witness these trends first-hand from nine different retailers around the Waterloo area. All proceeds will be going towards the Canadian Cancer Society. The event will also feature a candle memorial.

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