Spring-cleaning your closet

Spring is upon us and it isn’t just about exposing pale body parts, wearing floral and actually working on your beach body — this is also the time to clear out the old and make way for the new.

Yes, I’m talking about spring-cleaning.

The biggest problem with being a shopaholic is that you dedicate precious time and funds to buy everything you “need” for each season and subsequently keep it stuffed away in the back of your closet when it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear. Personally, I try not to buy what I know I won’t wear — which is also why I always end up owning multiples of certain items that I know I will wear and end up bored with my wardrobe. I digress.

Spring-cleaning is a great excuse to open up some space in your closet for the oncoming season, but I do have one piece of advice: Do not pack up all your cold weather gear (this is also directed to you, sir, who is wearing shorts when it’s only 4 degrees outside).

Shifting weather means you’re more likely to get sick. There’s no way that you can enjoy the beautiful weather and show off your new look if you’re too busy sniffling.

I have an either/or rule when it comes to spring fashion, which means only one section of my body is exposed. For example, if I choose to wear shorts, I wear long sleeves or a cardigan on top. I consider this to be common sense, but recognize that not everyone is constantly freezing like myself.

Here’s a little “spring-peration” using the high-low trend (or the “mullet dress” depending on what you prefer to call it). I think the obvious confusion surrounding this style is the perfect way to address the confusing weather.

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