Showcasing Laurier’s research talent on social media


Graphic by Josh Awolade
Graphic by Josh Awolade

An upcoming digital and social media initiative will showcase Wilfrid Laurier University’s researchers in an exciting and emotional way to today’s students.

Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier is a photo series comprised of various university researchers which was launched earlier this month.

The caption of each photo includes a brief explanation of their research, but more importantly, why it is of interest to each researcher.

Drawing parallels to the hugely successful Humans of New York initiative, Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier will tell the stories of researchers in an educational yet relatable way.

Shawna Reibling, knowledge mobilization officer at Laurier, is leading the project.

“Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier is designed to let everyone know that researchers at Laurier are passionate about the work that they do, as well as to give students more information about what researchers do in their own words,” Reibling explained.

Since a large part of the student population is unaware of what professors do beyond lectures, Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier will be an excellent tool to raise awareness and educate students. This is a large part of the reason why Reibling decided to launch the project.

“Often researchers can seem remote from students who only see them in their classrooms. What I wanted to do was show students what researchers are doing outside the classroom and the work they are doing that students often don’t see,” Reibling said.

A variety of researchers will be featured on Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier, including Donna Kotsopoulos, professor in the faculty of education and mathematics, Tristan Long, associate professor in biology and Shohini Ghose, associate professor in the department of physics and computer science.

The researchers will not only discuss their current research, but also share any surprises they have come across and explain why they were drawn to their respective studies.

The breadth of the researchers is also an important component of the project.

“The project covers all facets of research at Laurier. We want to highlight the broad range that happens at Laurier. One of Laurier’s strengths is the interdisciplinary and variety of research that happens at Laurier,” Reibling explained.

Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier will impact students through educating them about what their professors do beyond what directly affects them in the classroom.

Through launching the project on Twitter, Facebook and an online gallery, the initiative definitely keeps in mind it’s student audience.

Researchers of Wilfrid Laurier will paint researchers in a new, more human light through adding a personal touch on educating students to current research projects.

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