Shane Symington elected as 2022-23 Students’ Union president

Shane Symington has been elected as the next Students’ Union president and CEO for the 2022/2023 year.

Symington won the election on the evening of Jan. 27, with 1372 votes which was 53.47 per cent of the student vote. Opponent Ezra Ceniti received 1194 votes, which was 46.53 per cent.

In an email statement sent to The Cord, Symington expressed his excitement to take on the role in May.

“Hey, Golden Hawks! I’m really excited to be your 2022/2023 Students’ Union President! I want to make the 2022/2023 school year the best we’ve seen in a while,” Symington said in the statement.

“I want to get more events going, I want to continue the SU’s momentum with respect to our social justice efforts, I want to get people communicating, collaborating, and supporting one another, and ultimately see Laurier’s student satisfaction rise back to the top.”

“I’m setting my sights high, but it’s because I truly care and believe in what I want to do as president, and I want to see our school and our community at their best,” he concluded.

Symington will bring his experience from serving on the students’ union board of directors, his time as a residence don and Laurier Multi-Sport Camp counsellor, among other past campus involvements to the position of president.

Some key pillars of Symington’s presidential platform included providing free menstrual products to students on campus as well as the revival of former president Tarique Plummer’s Presidential Sponsorship Grant.

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