Safety on Campus 


Photo by Jessica Dik

While your time at university should be fun and enjoyable, there are a number of considerations that should be taken into account to ensure both your safety and the safety of others around you. 

First, make sure you download and utilize the SAFEHawk app.  

Available for download on all Apple and Android devices, the application “incorporates click-to-call functionality, immediately connecting users with campus support services such as the Special Constable Service and the Wellness Centre” as outlined by  

Further, SAFEHawk also has a flashlight and alarm built in, which can help alert individuals nearby your location.  

In addition, the app can also send your location to Laurier’s Special Constable Service.  

After downloading the app, make sure to enable notifications so you are aware of any important, time-sensitive news on Laurier’s Waterloo campus. This is an incredibly important safety feature. 

Alongside SAFEHawk, Laurier students can also Foot Patrol, a “volunteer-operated safe-walk program, available daily during evening hours.”  

Those utilizing this service will be accompanied by teams of two to their chosen location by foot or by van, depending on distance.  

Operated by the Students Union, Foot Patrol can be reached at 519-886-3668 (FOOT).  

Interested students are also encouraged to register with Foot Patrol as a volunteer in order to help keep this critical service running.  

Lastly, students can also make use of the Emergency Response Team.  

This team provides “on call advanced first aid and can be booked for on-site event support.”  

Reachable at 519-885-3333, this service is also operated by Laurier’s Students Union.  

Alongside these helpful resources, students should always take care to remain vigilant on campus.  

All students should always carry their OneCard on them in a safe location, and when out at night attempt to always travel with a buddy in tow.  

Laurier does not condone unsanctioned gatherings as they are a safety risk, so as you enjoy this week’s orientation events, make sure to remain respectful of both the Waterloo campus and the surrounding community.  

Respect those around you, and stay vigilant. 

Remain golden, stay safe and enjoy your fall term as a new Laurier Golden Hawk! 

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