Rocky Horror carries on campy Halloween tradition

Upholding tradition, the original Princess Cinema hosted its 25th annual Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween screening this past weekend.

Selling out the four show times, Saturday and Sunday were nights when people of all ages ventured Uptown Waterloo sporting Halloween costumes and “time warped” alongside lovable characters like Brad, Janet, Magenta and Riff Raff – and were, of course, thoroughly entertained by the always enchanting Dr. Frankenfurter.

Known for enthusiastic audience participation in pivotal scenes, this year’s screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was no exception. Throughout well-known songs, audience members rose from their seats to sing and dance alongside the characters.

The scene in which Brad and Janet get caught in a storm was accompanied by viewers both spraying water and covering their heads with newspaper. Tradition was carried on with lighters in the air during “There’s a Light” and toast being thrown during the dinner scene.

Waterloo resident Shane Szalai told The Cord, “I never expected the audience to act like they were actually in the show. I showed up not knowing what to expect, but seeing all the costumes when I arrived made me sure it was going to be a hell of a show.”

Character-inspired costumes were in abundance, with at least half of the theatre taking part. Brads, Janets, Magentas, Riff-raffs and Columbias populated the theatre.

Some might wonder why the midnight screenings of Rocky Horror continue to happen annually, but the dedicated fans ensure that the custom will not be dying out any time soon.

It’s a night that allows everyone to come together and let loose. Banter between audience members filled the scenes without dialogue, exemplifying what The Rocky Horror Picture Show is all about: people of different genders, sexualities, professions and values coming together to give themselves “over to absolute pleasure,” as Dr. Frankenfurter suggests everyone should.

The movie itself is ridiculously campy and nonsensical, but that seems to be why people come back year after year. It doesn’t have to make sense and for a night, neither do we.