Rock/noise hits K-W

(Graphic by Steph Truong)

Canadian rock/noise duo, Death from Above 1979, made their way to Kitchener’s Wax nightclub last Thursday.

After breaking up in 2006, they’ve since reunited and have begun writing new songs. Kitchener is one of many stops on their cross-Canada tour, and according to the bands’ website, they thought playing their new songs live was the only way to see if they were any good.

The medium-sized venue was packed with fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the band. This proved to be impossible once a violent mosh pit was started the moment Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger began strumming the bass and banging on the drums.

Having been a long-time fan of the band, it took a lot of self-restraint to not throw myself into the pit squealing with excitement.

Playing a perfect blend of old classics from their only full-length album You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, as well as new songs, it was a great concert for both die-hard fans and people who only know their more popular songs such as “Black History Month” or “Romantic Rights”.

The band was extremely interactive with the crowd — at one point they asked if anyone “was related to the fucking Barenaked Ladies.”

One man claimed to have made out with the daughter of lead singer Steven Page.

They pulled him up on stage with laughter: “What’s your name? Angus? Gangbangus! Give Angus a round of applause.”

The crowd was enthusiastic as the band could not stop laughing at the situation.

After playing for too short an amount of time, Death From Above encored with fan-favourite “Romantic Rights” which sent the crowd into a second mosh pit frenzy. People started crowd surfing, hanging onto cross beams, grabbing various wires, and jumping with such intensity that the enormous chandelier above the crowd began to shake.

An overall amazing show, they sound the same live as they do on any of their recorded material. Death from Above 1979 is a band that does not disappoint.


By Cristina Almudevar

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