Reading week hotspots



Las Vegas — If you’re of drinking age, Vegas is the top spot for students over reading week. Flights to Sin City are generally seen as a bargain, which will be helpful for your student budget. Break out your deck of cards, bathing suits and best outfits for a couple of days you hope you’ll remember.

Dominican Republic — Pack your bags for summer Laurier. It’s all about escaping this frigid winter, only to be kissed by the sun’s warmth and caressed by the salty sea air. With affordable prices, Dominican provides numerous options suitable for every guests’ wants and needs.

Costa Rica — Experience the “pura vida,” where worries tend to retire and the cocktails come free. Try the all-inclusive Allegro Papagayo resort, close to active volcanoes, unspoiled rainforests and pristine beaches gleaming with gold sand beneath your toes.

Florida — It may be somewhat overdone but Disney, outlet malls and the sun never tires. Grab a friend and pretend you’re ten again. Or you could cruise South Beach or head to Key West for a more Caribbean vibe.

Canadian Venues

Winter Cabin — Rent a cabin up north with some friends. If you’ve really got the adventurous soul, try ice fishing or dog sledding through the wintery forests of Muskoka.

Blue Mountain — Spend a day on the whimsical wintery slopes and a night out at the local pub surrounded by dozens of quaint boutiques.

Ottawa — Pride yourself on being Canadian and visit the country’s capital. The city offers many unique travel experiences for young adults. Skate the Rideau Canal, enjoy the nightlife and stroll through Canada’s historic landmarks.

Quebec City — Experience real poutine and other authentic French-Canadian meals. Visit the Chateau Frontenac to see what Celine Dion experiences when she visits this remarkable city. Don’t forget to shop on Petit Champlain and visit the Plains of Abraham to transform yourself to another time.

Niagara Falls — Have a roadtrip with friends and enjoy your cheaper version of Las Vegas. Enjoy the same things as the sin city except with the Niagara Falls as a beautiful backdrop.

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