‘Purple looks good on me’


(Photo by Nick Lachance)
(Photo by Nick Lachance)

When she was just a young girl playing at recess, Doreen Bonsu never would have thought basketball would be such a big part of her life.

Fast-forward to today and now she can’t believe she only has a few years left.

“I think about it … man, it’s going by fast,” said the third-year forward with a laugh.

Bonsu got hooked on the game merely because an ad for a REP team caught her eye.

“One of my good friends, Lauren Morris … I saw her picture and I said ‘oh, I should probably try out,’” Bonsu said.

Since then, it’s been hard to keep her off the court.

Through high school, Bonsu played competitively in her hometown of Oakville, Ont.  She helped out a friend in a scrimmage tournament at McMaster University, just playing as an extra player.

“We had a game against Laurier and [head coach Paul Falco] found me impressive,” Bonsu said.

“I never saw university basketball in my future,” she added. “I didn’t think I was good enough. So the fact that he had interest in me motivated me to work in my grade 12 year to improve myself for the university basketball experience.”

Laurier was the first school that recruited Bonsu, but it wasn’t her first academic choice. Brock University had caught her interest, as she wanted to go into teaching. Brock’s comprehensive concurrent education program was perfect for Bonsu.

“[But] when I came on my visit to Laurier, it was… I know everyone says it, the homey feeling because it’s cliché, but it’s true,” she said. “And purple looks good on me.”

In 2010, Bonsu joined the women’s basketball squad.

Since then, motivation, determination and confidence have been the central aspects of Bonsu’s playing career, and evidently her life.

“I’ve definitely seen a lot of growth in myself and also in my game and also as a woman, a female athlete. A lot of confidence,” she said. “You improve your skills as a person, your traits, learn to work with different people, it’s an amazing overall experience.”

Bonsu also credited her first-year teammate and now Laurier assistant coach Renata Adamczyk for being a big part of her development.

“She was anything and everything you could ask for in a role model,” said Bonsu. “She had great grades, she was an amazing basketball player, she’s definitely going to be a future hall of famer, and just having her as a role model, it just made the job easier.

“You have someone to back you up.”

Playing basketball during university has become a life changing experience for Bonsu, one of which has made her more confident with everything in her life.

She mentioned that life skills, leadership, self-esteem and teamwork all come from playing on the court.

“From basketball, there are so many avenues. It’s not just basketball. It stems out and helps you with so many other things and aspects of life.”

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