Presidential candidates in quotes


“You do a couple shots … chug a beer … head back to the dance floor to find your first-year, 17 year-old-friend and get your freak on; that’s what the Turret should be.”
–WLUSU presidential candidate Kory Preston on how the on-campus nightclub would operate if it became all-ages again

“Sunny almost fell.”
–WLUSU presidential candidate Kyle Walker after his opponent Sunny Chan left the open forum to find WLUSU’s ends

“It’s an incredible use of student money.”
–WLUSU presidential candidate Lawrence Maclin on the utilization of LCD TV screens to inform students

“If I’m not done, I’ll make sure my board of directors fire me the day before the end of my term and get me axed to prove a point.”
–WLUSU presidential candidate Sunny Chan during Sunday’s roundtable debate

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