Poster purchasing pointers


With the poster sale returning to WLU, making the concourse virtually impassable and making us all late for class, you may be asking yourself: with all of the choice available, how can a single person navigate through the endless maze to find the poster of their dreams?

Well don’t fret, because despite all of the selection available, it’s really only the same few posters that manage to make their way into university homes each year.

Indeed, the poster a person chooses can say a lot about them, so of course you don’t want to be caught repping something embarrassingly strange.

Here are eight very common university looks that are sure to keep your room stylish and hip, while not straying too far into the unique.

“The Artist”

Nothing shows how cultured and refined you are like a large semi-plastic print of some dead guy’s paintings. Popular choices include a very big wave by Hokusai or Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

Supplement these with some small photographs of nature, sunsets and contortionists and all your friends will be jealous of your artistic savvy.

“The Drunk”

Everyone loves beer pong, so why not declare that to everyone who has the good fortune of entering your room? There are a wide variety of decorations to please this sloppy demographic. Nothing says “I like to party and I don’t care who knows it” like the rules of King’s Cup hanging on your wall.

A large list of exotic and vile shots can say, “Help, I have a serious problem.” Just a warning though, if you hang something that declares you flip-cup champion of the world, you better be able to back it up, because you will have to throw down.

“The Stoner”

I have only one thing to say: Bob Marley.

“The ‘Indie’ Kid”

Show how free-thinking and unique you are by hanging a Quentin Tarantino movie poster on your wall. Follow that up with a band or movie that no one in their right mind would have heard of and you’ll have an instantly classic look. Remember, if people don’t know what it is, it has to be deep, right?

“The Playa”

It takes a very specific type of person to pull off posters containing several people making out while covering their privates with various miraculously-placed objects. You know, the types of posters that make you blush by just walking by them. However, this style learns to embrace its carnal nature, throwing away typical bashfulness and shame to transform one’s room into the ideal sex-lair.

And really, who doesn’t want soft-core porn hanging all over the place?

“The Johnny Depp”

It’s actually amazing how many posters one man can be on. I guess he’s pretty hot.

“The Comedian”

Everyone loves Family Guy and The Simpsons, so why not take a little piece of that comedy pie for yourself. Classic lines spewed by Homer or Quagmire are bound to bring a smile to the faces of all your guests. Always remember, there is no easier way to show how funny you are than to mooch off of things that are already funny.

“The Troubled Soul”

It’s awfully hard being misunderstood. Representing the anguish in your soul in poster form should alleviate some of this pain by revealing your deeply troubled inner-self. This of course means half-naked vampire girls with robotic appendages cradling an evil teddy bear with laser eyes.

Bleeding roses are always good too.

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