OVERWERK takes Pearl

(Photo by Andreas Pastiaouros)
(Photo by Andreas Pastiaouros)

2013 saw the genre of electronic dance music (EDM) grow to unprecedented heights, and with fast-rising producers such as OVERWERK doing their best to further establish the genre of music, the future looks bright for 2014.

Since his early beginnings, Edmond Huszar has managed to make a name for himself as one of the premiere DJs to keep an eye on thanks to his unique electro style that is unlike the sound of his counterparts.

Furthermore, with the release of his two recent EPs, Conquer and After Hours, he has even experimented in songwriting alongside frequent collaborator, Nick Nikon, whose vocals can be heard on must-hear tracks such as “Control” and “House.”

Jan. 17 saw OVERWERK bring his talent to Pearl Nightclub and it was clear from the start of his set that he would not disappoint.

Famous for his steady build-up and emphatic drops, OVERWERK paved the way for an energetic night by consistently changing musical pace with tracks like “12:30,” which samples Madonna’s “Hung Up,” as well as more melodic beats such as “Daybreak.”

Throughout the evening OVERWERK would continue to showcase the wide breadth of his skillset by alternating between familiar and crowd-pleasing club bangers combined with unexpected transitions that kept the crowd on their feet.

OVERWERK’s ability to perform a live set that surpasses audience expectations was on full display, and it seemed as the night progressed that the up-and-coming DJ turned up the tempo to fuel the audience’s enthusiasm. This proved to be the right choice because as the music became more fast-paced, the cheers of the audience grew louder.

Although OVERWERK’s style differs greatly from that of other DJs who sometimes fall into the generic EDM trap of playing repetitive build-ups with similar sounding drops, OVERWERK showcased at Pearl why he will never fall for the lure of discouraging audiences with redundant performances. He stayed true to electronic roots and consistently varied his rhythm throughout his set with differing levels of intensity to maintain the energy of the room while also providing all the thrills that fans look for when attending a DJ set.

Ultimately, over the course of an exciting evening that entailed a two-hour set time from the young Canadian DJ, perhaps the most exhilarating moment arrived during the finale when OVERWERK finished his mix. As the lights dimmed, the noise of the audience grew to a low murmur. Suddenly, it became evident that the audience craved a final display of OVERWERK’s expertise as they shouted for one more song.

Just as one suspected that the night was over, OVERWERK blasted the title track of his new EP, Conquer, to the delight of  the crowd at Pearl. The track garnered loud cheers from the audience that appreciated OVERWERK’s new release.

Following a great performance at Pearl, it is clear that OVERWERK is an electro force to be reckoned with, and fans of his work can look for him to further push the boundaries of his productions in 2014.

OVERWERK was unreachable for an interview with The Cord.

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