Olympics updates: March 3, 2010

Matt Pickett Can only hope that ovechkin cries at the end of the night with a loss.

Lisa Parise WOULD be sitting next to russians at wingporium.ugh.

Anna Maxymiw why do i get teary eyed at the molsons canadian commercials? HELP.

joshokane With all of tonight’s tweets you’d think most Canadians cared about bob sledding more than once every four years. #seriously

roland_weapon that game made us so patriotic, we’re watching canada heritage minutes. shout out to marshall mcluhan!

wendyhoomo RT @gjhoodmo: Is sexist to suggest that women are very talented w/ a broom? Bad curling joke. I’m sorry: let’s sweep this under the button.

Kyle Walker Cheryl Bernard is a babe. Gold medal in my books.

@Kidkawartha Norway, give it up. You’re up against the Obi-Wan-Kenobi of curling. Seriously.

dybenko RT @randallh: RT @melle Dammit, Team Canada, PLAY LIKE GIRLS. #gocanadago

tmayoh Did jack layton just shove the girl infront of him because she was a more outrageous cheerer for tv? I’m pretty sure he just shoved her down

Wade McAdam – Dear Sidney Crosby. Thanks for finally showing up. Nothing like leaving it until the last possible moments of the last possible game. Dick.


jasonachiu Mike babcock is wearing a #livestrong bracelet, I should be wearing a liver strong bracelet. #olympics

danigirl1987 Somewhere a made-for-TV movie is being scripted about this hockey game. Wayne Gretzky to be played by Paul Gross. (via @ishmaeldaro) amazing

saadaslam RT @davidakin: RT @adamgoldenberg: Listen closely. That’s the sound of a nation peeing.

Twitter’s website goes over capacity during the Men’s gold hockey game. Too many tweets. Amazing.

Scott_Courtice Men should one-up the women ‘s team – keg stands at centre ice, followed by boat races on the blue line

randallh I still don’t understand why we’re giving Olympic medalists bunches of broccoli. /via @maggiefox better than politically incorrect roses

Steve Niles You know what’s worse than one Nickleback songs? Two by Avril.

Dan Hocking Somebody is playing a cruel, cruel joke on the people of the world with tonight’s closing ceremony musical choices – seriously, Nickelback, Avril, Alanis, Simple Plan AND Hedley, back-to-back?

Ryan Stewart talk about a huge Canadian pride boner being killed

colinlefevre Hey look its that douche @pmharper… Again… #van2010

rhh Screw this. Where the hell is the Hip?

rickvug I guess when we said Own the Podium, we weren’t talking about the whole thing; just the penthouse suite. /via @inkbase #van2010

Kevin Degruijter, “can you hear the u.s. sing???? I CAN’T HEAR A FUCKIN’ THING”

Brandon Lessel, “bummed i cant hate crosby anymore”

OmarAlghabra Michael J Fox “just visiting”?

mattlucid Arcade Fire, Fiest, Stars, Broken Social Scene, etc were busy tonight doing what exactly?

petermansbridg Only drunk can save us now.

danigirl1987 If we give a gold back, can we make this terrifying lineup of musicians stop? (via @mel_wood)

alexhundert 41 Olympic Tent Village residents have been fasttracked into some of the best units in the city. When we fight, we win.

dankellar children crying in downtown Vancouver as drunken hockey goons rip down traffic lights and yell… a lot.

Mike Pew has no voice, has sobered up a couple times today, high fived more people than he can count, sung O Canada at least 10 times (once with a band), ran down a 4 lane road with open beer without getting into trouble, paraded with tons of people through campus and down major roads, and oh yeah, WATCHED US GET OUR 14th GOLD! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! If I forgot anything, let me know

NHLFlames “If the Americans win, they’ll probably make another movie about so we don’t want to see that happen.” – Reggie on CAN/USA #Flames #Van2010

goldenbc Sexy Mounties = the most patriotic boner ever. I love this fucking country.

Anne Theresa And then Hedley came out and Canada collectively wept

Wade McAdam Remember that time we won the Olympics??