Olympics updates: Feb. 24, 2010


Matt Peters Pierre McGuire says and I quote “I have never seen the Germans this aggressive”………honestly!?!?

Ledger_Yankees I mean, what more can happen to Canada at this point? Alex Trebek gets hit by a truck? Maple trees go extinct? Celine Dion puts out an album?

Kevin Campbell has never hated Corey Perry more than he does right now. And he was a London Knight. Babcock, sit Brodeur and Perry next time and save Canada some anyeurisms.

Kory Preston Dear Korea, thank you for heeding my warning and promptly allowing Canada to pass you (be it actually a tie but Canada is listed first alphabetically) in the medal standings. Your cooperation has not gone unnoticed. On the otherhand, Norway stop being clowns. Put on real pants and stop winning medals. I have had enough of your garbage.

ArdenAtGazette I don’t want to live in a country where the ice dancers are better than the hockey players.


colinlefevre RT @D_Hock: RT @matt416 Being a Leafs fan prepares you for this kind of disappointment. #goCanada

saadaslam RT @katieeperry: i’m starting to think the#olympics is really about america beating other countries at sports we don’t even like that much.

David Hufnagel going for a RUN. I wish watching the Olympics was enough to get in shape :(

laurenleto We have to let Canada win, guys. If we don’t, they’ll have nothing left to be proud of.

reggie_bush Not gonnna lie there aren’t a whole lot of black people in Vancouver! I think I saw a total of 6 and me and my boy were 2 of them! Lol!!

DarrenDreger When asked about Brodeur’s play tonight, Babcock said “we would have liked to be better in that area”

tomflem Do you think we can get #Harper to #proroguethe #Olympics now to avoid embarrassment? He’s done it before … #cdnpoli #vancouver2010

Patricia Eyolfson Dear life: Please go on hold while I watch the olympics. Thank you, kindly. Patricia

audiotaco they should hire someone to write a musical score for the olympics- using the pirates theme song is not ok. is john williams available

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