Navigating your O-Week

Sept. 7 begins another year at Wilfrid
Laurier University and, for all the incoming
first-year students, the start of
an entirely new lifestyle. To help new
student transition to university life,
Laurier offers a number of orientation

WLUSU’s traditional O-Week

Date: Sept. 7-12

Host: A university orientation week
organized by the Wilfrid Laurier University
Students’ Union (WLUSU).

Who: All first-year students are divided
into four colour teams: blue, gold,
green and red. Two residence floors or
a floor and a Laurier Off Campus University
Students (LOCUS) group are
paired together.

Details: Four teams compete against
one another in events such as a talent
show, game show, cheer-off, regatta
games and Shinerama’s “bling-bling”
event. The team with the most points
at the end of the week wins.

Highlights: Academic sessions, day at
Bingeman’s amusement park, a movie
night on Alumni Field, the Get Involved
Fair, Shine Day, music concert
and an on-campus party.

Reason to attend: Gives first-years the
opportunity to meet people on their
floor and others as well as a few upper
year student ice breakers.

“It’s important [for students] to find
their fit. We work to find activities to appeal
to all audiences” – Burton Lee, assistant
vice-president of first year experience for

LSPIRG’s Complementary O-Week

Date: Sept. 7-12

What: Laurier Students’ Public Interest
Research Group (LSPIRG) offers
a complementary orientation week to
coexist with WLUSU’s.

Who: Open to all incoming students,
regardless of whether or not they
registered for WLUSU’s traditional

Details: A collaborative and community-
based set of events designed to
help students discover the KW community
and promote activism and social

Highlights: Travelling cafés, working
group fair, an opportunity to practice
with Laurier’s Radical Choir and
watch them perform, an exploration
of Waterloo Park, an open space event
(students bring items and do as they
wish with them), a photo scavenger
hunt, movie night and “Jammin’ for
Social Change” at Maxwell’s Music

Reason to attend: Provides an opportunity
for students to meet other students
interested in social justice and
attend activities aside from WLUSU’s

“It’s free and provides more accessibility.
It allows you to get involved in important
issues.” – Jeff Kitchen, Complementary OWeek


Date: Sept. 13

What: The school of business and
economics students’ society (SBESS)

Who: For all first-year business and
economics students.

Details: Luncheon will be held at
the Waterloo Inn with tables being
mixed to include upper-year SBE students,
corporate sponsors and faculty

Highlights: Keynote speaker Cam
Heaps, co-founder and president of
Steam Whistle Breweries; SBE student-
run clubs and events will be
present to inform students what they
have to offer them.

Reason to attend: Familiarizes firstyear
business and economics students
with Laurier, the SBE faculty, classrooms
and their program.

“The purpose is to give [SBE students]
an opportunity to meet other people in the
program and get to know the faculty as
well.” – Shane McTavish, vice-president
of academic affairs, SBE Students’ Society


Date: Aug. 31- Sept. 4

What: International Orientation Week

Who: For all incoming international
and exchange students

Details: Students stayed in various
residences and attended workshops
on topics such as what Laurier has
to offer, culture shock, differences in
Canadian academics, housing, employment
and safety

Highlights: Welcome barbecue for
friends, campus tours, a lecture about
Canadian culture from a Laurier professor,
a trip to Niagara Falls and
Niagara-on-the-Lake, a meet and
greet barbecue with the Laurier community
and a six continents sports

Reason to attend: L.I.F.E, (Laurier
International Friendship Exchange)
mentors assist international students
adapting to their new learning and living

“[It allows students to] become familiar
with Laurier as a community, setting
students up for success.” – Anna Done
Choudhury, International Student Advisor