Metric rocks O-Week


From the moment Metric vocalist Emily Haines stepped on-stage – a vision of sequins and striking dark makeup – the atmosphere at the Athletic Complex, packed to the brim with first-year students, was out of control.

If you thought O-Week spirit was intense, imagine the gym packed with 2,100 dancing, singing and “woo”-ing students, crowd-surfing and chanting O-Week cheers to Metric’s booming music.

Needless to say, it was an unforgettable end to a jam-packed week for many first-years.

The Toronto-based indie musicians began their set around 9:15 p.m. with crowd-pleaser “Twilight Galaxy” from their new album Fantasies.

Setting the stage with its subdued keyboard-centric intro, the song hit its high point with Haines softly singing “I’m higher than high, lower than deep,” sounding flawless live.

Metric then played several hits from Fantasies, including the ever-popular “Help, I’m Alive” and “Gimme Sympathy”.

They also mixed in lesser-known tracks like “Sick Muse”, which allowed Haines to show off her versatile pipes with strange vocal soloing.

Following were guitar-heavy “Gold Guns Girls” and groovy track “Handshakes” from Metric’s previous album Live It Out.

Haines exuded frantic energy throughout, flailing rhythmically like a possessed, metallic robot.

Going through what seemed like mood-swings, Haines often drifted into the music, seeming to pay no attention to the exuberant audience.

Several times though, she indulged the first-year crowd, even yelling out “I hate this time of year. I get so nostalgic for summer. Now it’s back to mother-fucking school!”

The peak of the night was undoubtedly when Joshua Winstead began playing the distinct bass-line that could only mean one thing – “Dead Disco”. Delivering an impeccable live performance of the song, Haines’ catchy lyrics had most of the audience singing along in unison.

Busting out another classic, recognizable track, “Monster Hospital”, Metric pumped even more energy and excitement into the crowded, sweaty AC.

Ending powerfully with the anthem “Stadium Love”, or as Haines aptly re-named it, “Gymnasium Love”, Metric’s vocalist simply stumbled off the stage near the end of the song and the band denied the exuberant crowd an encore, despite desperate pleas; ending the concert at 10:30 p.m. after only 11 songs.

For first-year anthropology student Kistufer Janaura, the lack of an encore came as a huge surprise.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen a band not play an encore,” he said.

Along with an encore, Metric also refused to give The Cord an interview, despite repeated requests prior to the show.

Despite his disappointment, Janaura was really pleased with the concert overall.

“The show was awesome. I’ve never even heard their music before and I loved it.”

Performing before Metric at 8:00 p.m., Flash Lightnin’ proved a great opener with their grungy, classic-style rock.

Playing on the crowd throughout their set, their vocalist Chris Henry was quickly loved by the audience, who clapped and cheered loudly when he came back onstage after his set to carry off some equipment.

Metric’s set-list

Twilight Galaxy (Fantasies)

Help I’m Alive (Fantasies)

Satellite Mind (Fantasies)

Handshakes (Live It Out)

Gold Guns Girls (Fantasies)

Empty (Live It Out)

Gimme Sympathy (Fantasies)

Sick Muse (Fantasies)

Dead Disco (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?)

Monster Hospital (Live It Out)

Stadium Love (Fantasies)

Live It Out (Live It Out) – (unplayed)

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