Closing time for McMullan’s


Photo by Kamil Ahmed
Photo by Kamil Ahmed

McMullan’s pub and grill is still in the process of finalizing their King Street location closure but after three years, owners Chuck and Ingrid McMullan look forward to moving on.

A reasonable offer was proposed in the beginning of September  paired with a couple of factors, including the “economic forecast” for their future in this industry and refocusing their time on other priorities.

“My husband and I are getting old. We got an offer … we can’t do this forever,” said Ingrid.

“The fact that I’m getting older to start to focus on things that are less stressful,” added Chuck.

Chuck also highlights that the “economic climate” for small businesses in Waterloo is in decline.

“I think now is the time to get out,” he explained.

Since the purchase has not been officially finalized, there is no additional information on the buyer of the property. The original announcement of closure was confirmed on Friday, with the final day of operations being Saturday. Other factors such as the changing of uptown Waterloo and parking had an influence in making the decision. There has also been a bigger increase in nightclubs than restaurants in the area, said Ingrid. As for their next steps, the couple will continue to own and manage their other McMullan’s location on Highland Road in Kitchener.

“And more recreational time with my wife,” said Chuck.

Chuck and Ingrid both acknowledge loyal customers who have made the restaurant their home. As a business that claims to be a value-based facility, Chuck said that unfortunately there are no other places in the core that implement the same formula.

“[I] hope that they find an alternative place and if I ever see them someplace, I’ll buy them a beer.”

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