Matthew Good rocked out at Centre in the Square on Monday

For die-hard Matt Good fans, his odd behaviour should come as no surprise. Bitter, manic and strange, Good’s show on Monday night at Centre in the Square was an unforgettable experience.

Telling an audience member to “get [his] fucking money back and shut the fuck up” after being heckled as a result of his long spiels about historical figures and Kevin Bacon, Good rambled on for a good portion of the show, with his commentary ranging from funny to convoluted and bizarre.

And while the night could have benefited from more actual music being played, when Good and his band actually did perform music, it was nothing short of brilliant; Good’s vocals still as sharp as ever.

Vid 1 – Mother Mother – “Ghosting”

Opener Mother Mother put on a strong, hit-packed set. The B.C.-based band’s unique sound was sharp and impressive, displaying their powerful musicianship with every note.

Playing high-energy hits like “Oh My Heart”, “Hayloft” and “Body of Years”, the band was a perfect crowd-pleaser.

*Matthew Good – “Load Me Up” *

Good also gave an energetic, strong performance of fan-favourite “Load Me Up” off his 1999 album Beautiful Midnight.

Matthew Good “The Boy Who Could Explode”

One of the first song on Good’s set-list was the epic hit from his new album Vancouver “The Boy Who Could Explode.” Good and his band delivered a stunning performance, leaving the audience chills right from start.

*Matthew Good “The Future is X-rated”

Also from Beautiful Midnight, Good warned the audience that he had not performed “The Future is X-rated” since 2001 and that he was unsure if it would go well. Undoubtedly, it did go well, leaving nary an audience member in their seat.

Later in the night Good played “Born Losers” off one of his best albums Hospital Music. The beginning of the clip features one of Good’s tell-tale rants before beginning to resume his performance.

While Good ended the night playing some lesser-known acoustic work in his encore, the crowd at Centre in the Square was left in awe of Good’s unwavering talent but bewildered by his behaviour.