March 31, 2010


Dear Life,
I don’t understand why some people enjoy dominating WebCT discussion boards and rudely insulting the intelligence of others when they in fact misspell words such as: “co-wardinator” and “neccisary”. How can someone insist on being an “I’m-smarter-and-better-than-you” arrogant jerk when clearly he failed grade 6 spelling? Sincerely, I’m Sorry We Apparently Haven’t Gotten the Same Quality Education as You

Dear Life,I would like to express my disappointment in the EcoHawk’s poor attempt to celebrate Earth Hour. In prior years, this had been a very lively and upbeat event with lots of activities and participation. This year we just saw a bunch of people standing around looking bored. Also, what was with the needlessly elaborate sound system? Isn’t Earth Hour about taking small steps to reduce our impact on the environment? Clearly someone missed the point. Sincerely, You Can’t Spell Activist Without Activ(e)

Dear Life, Why does Relay For Life think it is a good idea to host their overnight event outside of a residence building? The event, staged from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., interferes with several required hours of sleep. Why wouldn’t anyone foresee loud music and awful singing blaring into people’s bedrooms all night long as a problem? I love the cause. But I love sleep more. Next year consider a slight relocation away from a residence building. Sincerely, F that Noise

Dear Life, A couple of the professors hired at Laurier must have put on Oscar-worthy performances during their interviews, because how some of these “experts” got hired is far beyond me. I have had unorganized, disregarding profs who do not seem to care at all. Really? I could hand him a script of an episode of Two and a Half Men and he’d give it an A. Bottom line: Hire more enthusiastic, creative and motivating professors who genuinely care about the issues they teach. Sincerely, If They Don’t Care, Why Should I?

Dear Life, When will Laurier realize its science department is a joke? 3-hour labs done in 30 minutes? Biology with no dissections? I would like to at least pretend that we’re paying for a quality education. Sincerely, Switching to UW if Things Don’t Change

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