Man arrested in response to series of small fires set in Waterloo’s university area


A 27 year-old man was arrested yesterday in correspondence to a series of small fires which were set in Waterloo near the University of Waterloo (UW), including a few that were set on UW’s campus.

The first fires were set on Wednesday evening at Crabby Joe’s on University Avenue and the Starbucks located at Starbucks at 428 King St. N.

Specifically, the fires were said to have been lit in both building’s washroom trash cans. Both fires were quickly put out by staff members.

Later on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, several other small fires were lit in numerous buildings on UW’s campus.

All fires were all successfully put out by Waterloo Fire, leaving minimal damages.

“Earlier this week, a number of buildings on campus experienced small fires that were actioned by the Region of Waterloo’s fire department,” Matthew Grant, director of media relations at UW, said in an email statement.

“The fires impacted a number of buildings and all fires were successfully extinguished and may show some signs of the fire department’s activities and have a residual “camp fire” odour. As a matter of precaution, some areas of STC, Biology 1 and Physics will remain closed until a full assessment can be completed.”

The individual arrested in relation to the fires is said to be facing numerous charges; the Kitchener man’s name and information has yet to be released.

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