Making money in unconventional ways

Photo by Lena Yang
Graphic by Lena Yang

We have all heard the statistics of the job market, I am sure a lot of us have felt the pinch of trying to find a job so that we can have money for textbooks, school and life’s necessities.

Instead of spending your time frustrated and stressed, there are alternative ways to make money. Sometimes students can earn money by not even being employed.

Deanna O’Hara, a fourth year University of Western student, is making her money through an assortment of odd jobs, such as babysitting, dog walking and bake sales as a means to cope with the increasing cost of living.

“Even though I don’t make too much money, it’s enough to put away for school,” O’Hara said.

That essentially is what it comes down to making money so that we have enough to save for the upcoming bills. While she came up with the idea on her own, O’Hara stressed the use of community resources as a source for finding odd jobs.

“My community was supper supportive and helped in any way they could.”  It helps to put your name out there and network to find our next odd job that will help you along further; you never know the opportunities that will arise.

“As a dog walker you meet a lot of interesting people,” O’Hara said.

Let’s say you have tried everything and feel there are no more options left, before you decide to give up, consider the power of your own closet. I am talking EBay and your local consignment shops.

With vintage shops gaining popularity, you have the chance to sell your clothes, therefore making money and clearing out space in that overstuffed closet. Even offer to clean attics or basements for your family, you never know what hidden jewels you will find in stuff otherwise seen as junk.

Wilfrid Laurier University student Fiona Ambrose utilized her Internet connections, as she used EBay and Kijji to sell her old clothes and household utensils. Ambrose also brought her old clothes to consignment stores that would give her the profits.

“I brought my old shoes, clothes and books to the local consignment shop and also selling appliances found in the attic, the best thing is seeing the thrill on the faces of others who are excited about my stuff,” Ambrose shared.

“I definitely understand the appeal of making money in an alternative way.”

Both students also took part in the ever-famous garage sale method, which is an easy way to get rid of those old toys or childhood books, causing others to be happy with their purchases.

Both students are using different methods to earn money, but both women agree that they wish that they had  started their job hunt earlier in the year. However, both girls are looking ahead and  are open to being creative when looking for alternative ways to make money.

“Don’t think that being employed is the only way to make money,” Ambrose said.

“Something will come up but in the meantime, be creative.”

Finding a job provides us with added anxiety, so remember there will always be an opportunity available you just have to give yourself the chance to find it. Until then, you have to find ways to earn money until then.

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