Local bars serve charity

Local servers were put to the test on Aug. 16, as Ethel’s Lounge held their annual relay race and fundraiser. Serving teams from 26 local bars and restaurants ran up and down the Ethel’s parking lot with trays of water bottles to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Kitchener-Waterloo (MS-KW) chapter.

“Every year, myself and Glen Smith, the owner of Ethel’s, and a couple of other people here sit down and decide what we want to raise money for,” explained Greg Brow, manager of Ethel’s Lounge.

“This year, MS hit us pretty close because one of the people that is part of Ethel’s Lounge, their family member was just diagnosed with MS so we decided that what better than to go with that charity this year.”

The friendly competition involving servers dressing up in costumes and potentially getting soaked in water if they weren’t steady provided an entertaining setting to support a good cause.

“Ethel’s is a really good host. It’s good food and a chance for us to have a day off in the summer time and raise money for a really good cause,” Samantha Kristoferson, a server from Solé.
The patio overflowing with enthusiastic supporters cheering on the serving teams reflected the success of this year’s event. Ethel’s management was able to proudly present a cheque of $21, 000 to MS-KW.

“I think the support that every restaurant and bar had this year has gone above and beyond,” said Brow.

Caitlin Uttley, a student at Wilfrid Laurier University and a server for Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill, expressed her team’s excitement in participating in the fundraiser after winning last year’s relay.

“We had one night last night where we were all talking about it and everyone tipped us extra and we put it all towards MS,” Uttley noted, reflecting on the sponsorship the Turtle Jack’s team received.

Turtle Jack’s did not manage to walk away with the champion title for a second year in a row. The honour went to the staff of Failte in Uptown Waterloo, with Ethel’s Lounge claiming second place.