Linking Laurier business and economics students with success

In 2002, the Link was created to give students a competitive edge between their classmates and other business students.

“Our main mission is to connect past, present and future business students and give them academic and professional advice,” said Jessica Tam, vice-president: international for the Link.

“We host events for students where they can learn from other students and professionals,” said Tam.

Since it was created, the Link has attracted and taught over 400 Ontario high school students business skills at its flagship event, the Leadership in Business Conference, which took place in May. This year, the Leadership in Business Conference gained support from the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario.

With the help of Laurier International, the Leadership in Business Conference taught students at two universities in China hands-on business skills during its recent trip across seas.

“[The Link] sent five group leaders to China to interact with students there and share in the different business cultures between the two countries,” said Tam. She added that Laurier students brought cases they had completed to compare solutions with the students in China.

While the Link has expanded prospects for students internationally, it is also expanding events at home to continue Laurier’s reputation as one of Canada’s leading business schools.

If you are a business or economics student you can use what the Link has to offer at its “Steer Your Career” event, which will be held this year on Nov. 7. At this event students will be able to interact with industry professionals as well as sponsors and can have specific career-related questions answered, acquire contacts and get advice from local business leaders.

-With files from Lauren Millet