Laurier students help raise cancer awareness

Monday, March 22 marked the second annual Laurier Cancer Awareness Day, held in the Concourse.

Hosted by the Laurier Cancer Awareness Society (LCAS), the event was intended to raise awareness and money for Colon Cancer Canada, which funds research to cure a form of the disease that is rarely discussed, but remains the second-largest leading cause of cancer-related death in Canada.

The campus event was the biggest hosted by LCAS, which greatly increased its presence on campus this year.

The club’s president, Cory Bettel, is incredibly pleased with the progress that LCAS has already seen since it formed last year.

Originally comprised of 14 members, it has grown immensely, with roughly 250 members at the present time. Bettel explained, though, that this number “grows everyday.”

It is understandable why so many are eager to become a part of the club. Cancer affects the lives of millions of Canadians each year. In 2009, the Canadian Cancer Society estimated that approximately 470 Canadians would be diagnosed with cancer each day.

Few people could say that they don’t know someone who has been affected by some form of the disease.

“People are instantly drawn to LCAS because everyone wants to share their stories,” said Bettel.

LCAS hopes to continue to raise awareness about cancer as well as encourage the Laurier community to support cancer-related causes. In the coming years, Bettel intends to work with other Laurier clubs that are affiliated with various charities to further promote their initiatives.

With the tremendous progress that LCAS has made in the span of two years, Bettel is optimistic that the club will continue to “bring people together and enlighten Laurier about cancer.”