Laurier remains number one choice for incoming post-secondary students


Photo by Will Borys

Laurier remains a top choice for prospective students, with a 3.8 per cent increase in applications since 2017.

2018 saw a total of 25,477 students applying before the Jan. 17 deadline, although Laurier will still be accepting applications until May 1. Offers of acceptance have begun with more to follow, and students are expected to confirm their admission after June 1.

Over the past four years, Laurier has seen a major increase in first-year applications. Since 2014, applications have increased by 28 per cent cumulatively. Laurier is experiencing some of the largest cumulative growth from Ontario high school applicants over the past four years, of all Ontario Universities.

“It’s always really positive to see that we’ve had an increase in applications, and many students are interested in coming here,” Jennifer Casey, assistant vice-president of enrolment services and registrar, said.

Laurier had an undergrad enrolment softening in 2014, although since has reconsidered the strategies in place and established a strategic enrolment management committee. By considering the recruitment strategies, outreach and partnerships, Laurier has strengthened the application process over the last four years.

“There has been a real collaborative effort over the last four years and what we’re seeing is we have had increases in our applications each of those years,” Casey said.

The number of students who will be accepted for Fall of 2018 is unclear although is expected to be approximately the same size class as 2016.

Over the years innovative academic programming has been implemented at Laurier. Laurier has introduced game design and user design, a combined law program with the University of Sussex and a sharper focus on experiential learning.

Laurier has also received a lot of support from students. Students ranked Laurier number one in student satisfaction for the second year in a row in the 2018 Maclean’s University Rankings.

“We’re proud of that achievement, that’s our students saying ‘here is why I’m so satisfied with my experience,’” Casey said.

The next step in the enrolment process is conversion and guaranteeing that the students applying pick the university that is the best fit for them.

“For the work, we’re doing at enrolment, it’s about contributing to students’ success,” Casey said. “Trying to bring in the students [where] Laurier will be the right choice for them and likewise.”

Incoming students often have questions about finances, residence, services provided, the academic program’s reputation and what they can expect to experience over the next four years and the next step of the process is answering those questions.

“Everybody has a roll to play in this, everybody is an ambassador of Laurier,” Casey said.

The number of students who will be accepted for Fall of 2018 is unclear although is expected to be approximately the same size class as 2016.

A strategic enrolment management committee made up of the deans, vice-president of student services and VP of academics will decide the first-year class size of 2018.

“They spend a lot of time looking at ‘what are the priorities for the university and where are the growth opportunities?’” Casey said.

“I think it’s affirmation of what a wonderful place Laurier is,” Casey said.

“The programming we’re offering and the student experience that we offer here at Laurier is resonating with students and that’s important.”

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