Laurier Provides Statement on Viral Video


*This article has been updated from its original form to remove incorrect statements that were made stating that the individual was intoxicated  during the time of the incident alongside the assertion that the individual in the video was a Laurier student. The Cord apologizes for these errors.

A recent viral video featuring an individual’s racist outburst serves as a reminder of the internet’s power.

The video posted to Twitter on June 11, 2023  depicts racial slurs being shouted in downtown Toronto outside of 6ix Donutz. While the shouts are mainly targeted at the group filming from within the shop, this soon extends to those walking by outside the venue.

In several moments, the actions of the individual become physical as they take swings at people walking by and attempt to force their way into the store – even throwing their phone to the ground in frustration. 

Now a viral moment, the video has gotten the attention of Wilfrid Laurier University itself – prompting them to make a statement to students.

On the week of June 14th, an updated statement was released by WLU announcing that the woman in the video was not a student at the university: “After an investigation, it has been determined that the individual in a recent video circulating on social media is not a registered student at Wilfrid Laurier University.”

Further, the university denounced the racism present in the viral video, stating “The University strongly denounces racism in all forms, and we strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive community for all.”

By covering this incident, The Cord wishes to raise awareness of present racism in Ontario and remind students that there is no excuse for racism.

Dedicated to supporting the community, WLU added that any students, faculty and staff who may need support can reach out to the following available services here.

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