New developments for the faculty of music 

Laurier music building construction
Laurier music building construction
Photo by: Sadiya Teeple

New developments working to diversify and expand the department of music are currently underway. 

The renovations are spurred by the Making Space for Music campaign.  

This newly renovated space will allow faculty and students to teach, practice, and perform together in an updated environment.  

Members of the community will also be able to enjoy and experience the music.

“There’s a beautiful symmetry to the fact that our building is now going to be directly right across from Lazaridis,” said Kimberly Barber, associate dean of Laurier’s faculty of music. 

The faculty of music is also getting ready to welcome new students to their two-year master of music in collaboration, curation, and creative performance (MMus C3).  

This program will be offered for the first time in fall 2024, and will equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in Canada’s arts industry. 

“We are excited to offer this transformative program that not only fosters individual artistic growth, but also emphasizes the power of collaboration and community engagement,” said Barber.   

The program will aid out-of-the-box thinkers and ground breakers of the next generation in navigating the music space and honing their artistry.  

Experiential placement in music and artistry organizations as well as a series of industry partners are offered within the program. It will also include lessons on audience engagement, outreach and marketing.  

Students will gain practical, entrepreneurial, and interpersonal skills that yield an understanding of business that can be applied to the music industry. 

Navigating the Music Industry Ecosystem, a new certificate online course offered by Laurier, similarly covers topics such as publishing, sync licensing, marketing, financial  

literacy, contracts, and entertainment laws.  

Barber expressed her encouragement of non-music students and music students alike getting involved in music opportunities at Laurier.  

These include open performances, concerts, jazz orchestra and the show choir.  

“People would be surprised about what they might find if they come through our doors and so we are hoping there is going to be more of that soon once the newbuilding opens,” said Barber. 

Further information, including photos of the construction progress as well as the projected impact of the campaign can be found on the university’s Making Space for Music website. 

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