Laurier band, Stop 24, rocking our campus!


With so many bands trying to make it big, it is difficult for bands to truly stand out and break away from the norm. Wilfrid Laurier University’s own Stop 24 is trying to do just that. Stop 24 started their band back in Welland, Ontario after meeting each other while playing hockey. Bass player Tadd Puharich had a recording studio in his house, where most of the practices would take place.

The band’s name came from a local convenience store that ended up being shut down.

When asked where they drew inspiration from, Puharich went straight to the local bands first. “One of our biggest influences would have to be Thought Beneath Film from Hamilton. They helped us to write the song that we wrote for the contest and gave us a lot of help with the drums and really helped to inspire the songs,” he said. “We also really like City and Colour, The Goo Goo Dolls and Green Day.”

With so much support being given to bigger bands, Stop 24 is looking for the support of the Laurier community in getting the word out about their band and the upcoming contest. The CBC Rock Your Campus contest was designed with the goal in mind of helping local artists and supporting up and coming bands. Whichever act gets the most votes wins the opportunity to play for their school, a $10,000 prize and the recognition from producers who have been known to keep a close eye on these contests.

“A lot of local, indie bands are better than a lot of bands that you hear on the radio, in my opinion, “said Puharich. “So it’s important to show them support because you never know, they could be the next big thing.”

“It’s really important to go out and support our indie bands, not even my band, but just to make sure that these bands are getting the support that they need to move the industry forward.”

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