Kilmore Place play Kitchener


The Circus Room played host to Vancouver-based Kilmore Place on July 14 as part of a tour to promote their new album entitled …What Happened?

Opening band This is Franco got it started and ripped through their set playing dynamic alternative pop rock. Lead singer Mark Bridgeman gave it his all on vocals, while guitarist Alex Dobson filled the room with airy solos and uplifting guitar licks.

Both bassist Marcus Abramzik and drummer Josh Contant contributed greatly to the night playing in both bands and giving a solid performance, showing off their tight and polished rhythmical skills.

Next, Kilmore Place took the stage and began their set with “Nights Forgotten” and “Yesterday, White Sand Shore” from the new album. The songs alternated between light and soft rock melodies one moment and heavier sounding riffs the next.

Lead singer Ryan Bacchus’ soulful and melodic singing style aided the band’s performance, while Bryce Wagner’s performance on the piano also shone.

They wrapped it up with songs “Runaway” and “Apocalypse”, showcasing some serious guitar skills by Greg England, as well as the band’s harder rock side.

The crowd was unfortunately small, but where most bands would crumble in the face of playing to a near empty joint, these guys were able to make the most of it and have fun.

By the end of the night everyone at the bar was welcomed on stage for their own live performance with the band.

After the set Marcus Abramzik summed up the touring experience so far, telling The Cord, “It’s been a long trip One thing that surprised us was just how long Ontario is. That’s the main difference from back home in B.C. – everywhere seems a lot closer to get to there.”

The guys from Kilmore Place and This Is Franco have been touring across Canada since early July and will be performing as far east as Montreal before heading back to B.C.

“So far touring has been a lot of fun,” added keyboardist Bryce Wagner. “It’s great when you come to a place like Waterloo or a town you didn’t expect to have any fun in and you’re totally surprised by how cool some of the people are there. That’s what happened when we played Regina, Regina kicked our ass!”

Look out for Kilmore Place and This Is Franco touring this summer across Ontario and parts of Eastern Canada.

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