Introducing the new VPs


Scott Martins: Brantford

Background: Current associate vice-president internal operations at Brantford; Foot Patrol (general, executive and co-ordinator); GO-Team (Orientation Week).

Most unique quality: “My passion for the students’ union. I’m willing to go above what is expected of me to get the job done as long as it benefits the students.”

Main goal: “I would like to further advance the communication between Brantford and Waterloo, especially at the co-ordinator level. This past year was the first year we had a joint summer conference, and it worked really well… to network and share ideas; I want to build off of that.”

Saad Aslam: University Affairs

Background: Current chair of the board of directors; volunteer with LSFL; internal affairs committee; general member of the Eco Hawks; CASA ambassador.

Most unique quality: “I have a really good sense of humour, and that has enabled me to take bad news really well. I think sometimes things don’t always go right, but it’s important to be able to put it behind you and you’ll come out on top.”

Main goal: “I want to make the students’ union a champion of representation and advocacy … the position has drifted away from representing students and providing advocacy for their essential needs.”

Pam Blomfield: Public Affairs

Background: General volunteer with BACCHUS; shine booster for Shinerama; History Students Association (executive and vice-president administration); sign promotions executive; executive on the elections committee for the 2010 WLUSU elections.

Most unique quality: “My ability to make any situation as positive as possible. No matter what is going on I try to put a positive spin on things, which makes things a lot easier to deal with especially when you’re put in stressful situations.”

Main goal: “I want to get more students involved in volunteer opportunities. I think we can get a lot more students involved if we promote our department more effectively this year and ensure that students know the opportunities that are available to them.”

Burton Lee: Clubs and activities

Background: Current assistant vice-president of first year experience; Icebreaker; hiring committee (general and executive).

Most unique quality: “An open mind. I think right now we’re at a standstill with a lot of the programming we have on campus, and I’m hoping to work with some new ideas and new people to collaborate on events and make sure all of the student activities are successful.”

Main goal: “Collaborating with everyone on campus, such as residence life, athletics and groups like the office for student diversity and the Laurier international office, just to ensure that everyone on this campus has a chance to get involved in all of the events that we run and we can get involved in all the events they run.”

Heather Budd: Services

Background: Current BACCHUS co-ordinator; member of the business campus club ISAC; Headstart ambassador.

Most unique quality: “I bring a lot of passion to the services department. I care a lot about individuals; I love listening to people, hearing their thoughts, constructive criticisms. I’m really passionate about the role.”

Main goal: “I want to focus on membership training and member development. It will start with a successful transition of the co-ordinators and then training for the rest of the general volunteers.”

Katie Mooney: Administration

Background: Current GO-Team executive; bar promotions for the Turret and Wilf’s; Activities team executive.

Most unique quality: “My approachability, because I really want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible coming to talk to me….That’s really important because it will always be a really welcoming atmosphere.”

Main goal: “Combining the hiring committee with the recruitment committee. Hopefully it will result in being stronger on both ends. The two were slightly overlapping this year and because they are a new committee, recruitment didn’t have as strong of a role.”

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