In review: The Five Ghosts

Label: Soft Revolution
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Listen To: “Dead Hearts”, “Fixed”, “Changes”

Two years after the success of the Polaris Music Prize nominated In Our Bedroom After the War, on June 22 Stars will release their fifth studio album The Five Ghosts.

The first on their independent label Soft Revolution Records, the 11-track album is another quality record from the five-piece Montreal band.

With the opening track “Dead Hearts”, Stars establish their characteristic sound with the hauntingly crisp back-and-forth lyrical exchanges between band co-founder Torquil Campbell and Canadian indie darling Amy Millan.

The album is consistently strong, with notable tracks including the recently released single “Fixed”, the lyrically catchy “We Don’t Want Your Body” and the retro infused “Changes”.

The biggest distinction with this release is that there is heavier synthesis than in previous work. This, combined with an overall slower tempo, creates a more vintage sounding album.

Though The Five Ghosts may fall short on the individual track list – as it lacks what will likely become staple Stars singles – by combining their mature pop sound with dark lyrics the latest offering from Stars is sure to be one of the best Canadian albums of the summer.

A stream of The Five Ghosts was provided to The Cord from Soft Revolution Records.

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