Igniting the passion for fashion

(Kostadin Kolev -- Staff Photographer)
(Kostadin Kolev — Staff Photographer)

Who needs to watch Tyra Banks have a meltdown on poor models on America’s Next Top Model when Laurier has its own, less crazy, equivalent? On Feb. 28, the Wilfs stage was transformed into a catwalk as hopeful models competed for the coveted spot in Fashion ‘n’ Motion’s (FnM) fashion show during their performance. FnM combines a dance recital with a fashion show during its interludes. The male and female winner will be the featured models during the fashion show. Hosted by Fashion ‘n’ Motion, the event was simultaneously promotion for their upcoming show and a chance to raise even more money for their chosen charity Sick Kids.

“[Laurier’s Next Top Model] started three years ago as a charity event …  we have a bunch of charity events through the year to raise more money,” said FnM president Noelle Antkowiak. “We decided to have this event where we ask the Laurier students to compete to be Laurier’s next top model …  they get to be in all three scenes.” Laurier’s Next Top Model, however, is not just your typical modeling competition. While there were the typical categories of “casual wear,” “formal wear” and “model’s choice,” the models’ interpretation of these categories was what made this event stand out. During “model’s choice,” contestants’ outfits ranged from studying swag, to an everyday outfit, to a Sylvester the Cat costume.

On top of the categories focusing solely on their looks, FnM also ensured that there were brains behind the obvious beauty. A question and answer period, hosted by MCs Allison Dlugokecki and Wes Phillips, was short and sweet with the models each being asked two to three questions.

Picking a winner was not an easy decision. While Alisha Suggit was chosen as a winner with ease, there were many strong male contenders. However it came down to a walk-off between Scott Pires, dressed as Sylvester the Cat, and Dayo Adebowale, dressed as Urkel. After three rounds of impressive walking and careful consideration from judges Antkowiak, Maria Kalintsis, the coordinator of Charity Ball; Michael Onabolu, Students’ Union president; Erin Neal, liaison coordinator for Campus Clubs and Ian Watson, creative director of FnM the winners chosen were Suggit and Pires. However, it was recently discovered that Scott Pires will not be walking in the FnM show.

FnM is celebrating its twentieth year on campus and its second year as a campus club. “I’ve been trying to some research on who started [FnM] and why … From what I gathered, a group at Laurier wanted to dance and put on a show. It started as fashion and then it became more into dance,” said Antkowiak. Later, once the original members realized that their shows were drawing large crowds, they started to choose charities to donate to.

There are three shows on March 15 at 7 p.m. and March 16 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased at U-Desk or online.

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