Health needs balance


(Photo by Cristina Rucchetta)

So, you’ve settled into a subtle routine where you go to class, you try to study and you eat when you have time. But what about your fitness?

Let me be the first to contest, that when I came into university last year, I wasn’t exactly the poster girl for good fitness. Recovering from an injury to my knee that included tearing all of my cartilage and pulling my ACL, I spent most of last year in rehab after my surgery in December.

But my fitness goals never left my mind. Even if you’re not athletic, being able to control your health by adding in a dose of fitness can help you stay fit and keep you prepared for the hurricane of midterms that will come late October.

First and foremost, don’t be afraid. A lot of individuals believe that in order to be fit, you have to be athletic, thin, versatile, hardcore and all these other words that really don’t mean a thing.

Fitness comes down to one thing: being able to take your body and transform it to healthy.

Use your spare time wisely. When you’re bored on a Saturday afternoon and don’t feel like starting your readings yet, take that thirty second or five-minute walk and go to the gym, even if it is only for thirty minutes of cardio on the treadmill.

Doing this two or three times a week can not only make you feel motivated for classes, but your body will thank you.

Another idea may be to use your dorm room, or your house, or apartment, anywhere works, as your personal workout base. When you’re trying to figure out a mathematical equation that makes absolutely no sense, do a repetition of 20 squats.

It relieves pressure off your brain, gets your legs moving after sitting for so long, and when you finish, the answer may actually come to you.

If you’re feeling daring push yourself the extra mile and put your textbook in front of you on the ground open to the page you need to read. While it’s open, do a minute-long plank on your forearms and try reading the page.

Like always, there’s nothing wrong with throwing the ball around the alumni field late one Wednesday night while you criticize the lineup at Phil’s.

Fresh air is great for your body and mind. Try tossing a ball back and forth between you and a friend.     This will get your arms moving in a motion that doesn’t include your fingers tapping a keyboard resulting in serious handcramping.

Remember that although your education is important, your body is a sacred vessel. You can’t do well if you don’t treat yourself right. So take that extra five minutes to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator.

Take the long way walking to class. Or maybe just do a victory dance after you finish an assignment.

Whatever it is, have fun with your fitness. Your body will thank you.

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