Have you heard?

Overheard @ WLU has become a recent phenomenon for Laurier and university-wide students alike.

As part of this Facebook group, students subject themselves to constant updates of their peers’ moments of stupidity. Over 4800 members are constantly joining in and submitting what they have “overheard” on campus and where they have heard it, making this page hard to navigate away from.

So for your own enjoyment, I have selected a couple that gave me a good laugh to give you a taste of why you should join…

Overheard girl talking on a cell phone on campus:
Girl: “Last night I legit dropped my phone in the toilet, but I got it out and it still works.”

Overheard people studying in the library:
Girl: “UGHHH, why can’t STUDYING be more like SEX”
Guy: “What are TALKING ABOUT?! Studying is JUST LIKE SEX!”
Girl: ……..
Guy: “You work really hard at it, are up late doing it, feels good when you’re done it, and couldn’t get through University without it!”

Overheard in a washroom:
Girl 1: “Omg! My pee smells like popcorn!”
Girl 2: “Really? Omg so does mine!”

Overheard at 1:30am while walking home after a few drinks:
Girl: “Omg look a raccoon!”
Boy: “It’s not a raccoon, it’s a cat”
Girl: “Aw man I wish it was a raccoon”
Boy: “Why there is like a 68% chance it has rabies”
Girl: “Well it’s not like I’m going to bite it”

While it may be amusing to hear it yourself and read what others have to say, imagine looking at the page mortified one day to discover a blunder you made. Yet don’t let it make you believe it is making anyone censor their words more, for there seems to be endless amounts of slip-ups on the page in continuous supply.

To those listening, keep sharing, and to those speaking these moments of stupidity, all I can say is at least you are entertaining.