Goodbye, Silver Spur

It is with great sadness that we announce the tragic passing of the Silver Spur in its 13th year on May 4, 2009.

After a long and hard-fought battle, the Silver Spur – or the Spur as it was known by friends – home of “Spursdays”, finally earned a well-deserved rest after it was sold to a local developer.

After hearing of the bar’s critical condition, well-wishers lined up two weeks ago on Dupont Street for a final tearful goodbye. Beloved child of owner Tom Ferguson and dearly loved companion of sloppy Laurier girls and lonely Waterloo boys, the Spur will be fondly remembered for its gleeful, albeit somewhat jarring, singing voice and slightly watered-down beer.

Survived by its many cousins, who will undoubtedly provide for its dedicated clientele during this time of mourning, the Spur will be reunited with many of its other previously extinguished relatives in bar heaven.

A devoted supporter of the fine arts, the Spur dedicated its many nights urging aspiring Canadian Idol contestants to express themselves through the over-consumption of curiously named shots, and will be tearfully remembered whenever its beloved anthem “Baby Got Back” is heard.

A complicated soul, the Spur often ranged from a sobbing hermit to an obnoxiously loud vagrant depending on the night of the week. Many will warmly remember triumphantly belting out their favourite tune at the Spur on a busy Thursday night.

Its passing will undoubtedly leave a gaping void in its clientele’s ability to make warbling asses out of themselves that will not be easily filled.

When not partaking in its cherished karaoke, the Spur could often be seen enjoying a basket of surprisingly delicious grease-caked wings or a slightly cramped and inebriated game of pool.
The Spur will be remembered tenderly for its ability to bring people together, from barely legal university students to the depressed over-the-hill townies that they will eventually become.

Overall, the Spur loved to have fun, and its energy and exuberance was contagious, like a bad rash to those in its vicinity, and it will be sorely missed.

Please remember to support friends of the Spur during this trying time as they desperately search for another place that conveniently rhymes with a day of the week. As an expression of sympathy, in lieu of flowers, donations to whatever watering hole is most convenient in which to get shit-faced would be greatly appreciated.

We urge Waterloo residents to observe a moment of silence for our fallen friend this “Spursday” night, whilst reflecting on the many good times enjoyed with our vaguely Western-themed comrade.