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As sex educator Cory Silverberg brilliantly proclaimed, “Orgasms are like snowflakes; no two are alike. They’re free, they melt in your mouth, and not even the weather forecast can predict when they’ll come.”

The most common misconception is that the orgasm is one-dimensional, always similar, always achieved one way and always predictable. As young and sexual individuals, we should all be educated and aware of the power and intricacies of the orgasm. Though the majority of us were taught sexual education in middle school or high school, we were left to our own devices in regards to “the orgasm”.Easily defined and recognized as “a climax of intense pleasure,” the orgasm is very complex and should be respected.

Being the Naughty Prude has presented me with the glorious job of researching and exploring the world of sex. Though I enjoy the challenge, I am admittedly still somewhat of a rookie. A research session in the library lead me to discover Betty Dodson, an American sex educator who has led sexual workshops for women for over 30 years. A fervent advocate for masturbation, Dodson is also extremely well versed in orgasms.

Her novel, Orgasms for Two: The Joy of Partnersex is an enlightening sex manual that includes countless information on partner sex, but more importantly the types of orgasms males and females can achieve. Therefore, I am going to summarize the three main types of orgasms.

Tension orgasm:
Relying on the leg and buttock muscles being squeezed tight and the breath being held, the tension orgasm has a quick build up and quick release. This orgasm is the result of quick and tense sexual intercourse or foreplay.

Relaxation orgasm:
Achieving a relaxation orgasm is most successful when done with a partner. Make sure to be vocal about your needs, relaxing your muscles, pelvic floor and breathing. The main is allowing it to build which is opposite of the tension orgasm. This orgasm is a slow climb, with a very rewarding decline.

Combination orgasm:
This uses the techniques from both tension and relaxation orgasms. For woman to accomplish the combination orgasm five elements are needed, clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, PC (pubococcygeus) muscle contractions, thrusting of the pelvis and breathing.

I urge you all to experience, enjoy and appreciate the realm of the orgasm by trying new positions and new techniques.

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