Garbage awareness on campus

Laurier has no shortage of garbage. In 2008, Laurier produced an estimated 1715.7 metric tonnes of waste. That number is truly staggering considering the relatively small size of the campus
compared to others such as the University of Waterloo.

Laurier’s environmental awareness club, the EcoHawks, hopes to change this. On March 3, the EcoHawks set up a shocking display of waste accumulated over a single day from Mac House and Little House Residences. In one day, two of the school’s smaller residences produced a total of 20 bags of garbage.

EcoHawks co-ordinator Astri Buchanan explained that the event was meant to “raise awareness about garbage,” as well as to promote the screening of a documentary about garbage that they were showing later that night.

This awareness campaign is one of many initiatives that the EcoHawks have undertaken this year to promote sustainable living and environmental awareness at Laurier.

Buchanan described this year as being a transitional one. Most notably, she highlighted the growth of the club – members have increased from 30 members to 140 – and the increased visibility of the EcoHawks on campus.

This year, the EcoHawks have also been instrumental in the implementation of Laurier’s pilot project for composting in residence. Buchanan explained that their goal for this year was to get University Place Residence fully composting. “There have been some bumpy points, but the project is still making progress,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan is confident that 2010-11 will be an even bigger year for the EcoHawks; with membership reaching an all-time high this year, she is certain that the club will continue to grow in numbers.

Buchanan hopes that in the coming years the EcoHawks will continue to “get the administration and students thinking about sustainability and being environmentally friendly.”