‘Gabe’s Cut’ raises $850


Gabe Fontana will be cutting his hair in the Concourse on Oct. 1 to raise money for cancer research. (Ryan Hueglin)
Gabe Fontana will be cutting his hair in the Concourse on Oct. 1 to raise money for cancer research. (Ryan Hueglin)

After three years of growing out the flow- his hair, that is- Gabe Fontana will be publicly shaving his head in the Concourse at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU).

The event, a fundraiser, will be taking place on Oct. 1.

Fontana, a fourth-year general arts student at Laurier, decided he would fundraise for the Canadian Cancer Society a year ago. His grandfather, he explained, does a lot of work for the Canadian Cancer Society, which is why he decided to follow in his footsteps.

Fontana was also inspired through his personal connection to the disease, as he has had relatives diagnosed with cancer. With this, he saw success in others doing the same fundraiser.

“I had a friend who was successful in raising $1,000 and a cousin who did the fundraiser as well,” Fontana explained.

After seeing this, Fontana was certain he wanted to participate as well.

For 75 years, the Canadian Cancer Society has been a national organization made up of volunteers with one common mission; the termination of cancer and improving the quality of life of people diagnosed with cancer.

All of the money which Fontana accrues, according to his fundraising site, will “help fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives.”

His fundraising has been within the city of Waterloo along with his hometown of London, Ontario. Keeping it small and personal, Fontana has received most of his donations through friends and family.

“This past weekend I had a barbecue at my house and raised $350,” he said.

Sitting at a total of $850 raised since Aug. 15, Fontana hopes to surpass his goal of $1,000 next week at his fundraiser in the Concourse.

Fontana encouraged everyone to come by the Concourse on Oct. 1, to watch his head get shaved.

“I’ll be accepting last-minute donations to help get me to my goal of $1,000.”

He also added, “Wilf’s has also given me coupons to give out on October 1 to donors.”

Not only is Fontana donating the money he has raised since August, but he is also donating his hair.

He explained, “It’s being donated for a wig for kids, so it can help them adjust.”

For those who can’t make it out to the fundraiser next Tuesday, online donations are welcomed as well. Fontana has his own page set up through the Canadian Cancer Society’s website: convio.cancer.ca/goto/gabescut.

“Not only did cancer affect me, but cancer affects everyone, and that’s why I think people will donate when they see my station in the Concourse next week,” he said.

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