First revue a success for LMT

(Kha Vo -- Incoming Lead Photographer)
(Kha Vo — Incoming Lead Photographer)

Laurier Musical Theatre hoped to shine a light on the world of college stereotypes with their March 29 production of “What Our Parents Think We Do.” The performance was an hour-long Broadway show held in the Turret.

The show highlighted a number of Broadway musical hits that reflect student life. Some of the songs included in the production were “Skid Row” from The Little Shop of Horrors, “Time Warp” from Rocky Horror Picture Show and “Alcoholeluia” from College: The Musical, a show that LMT put on four years ago.

The show was quite different from their main stage production of Legally Blonde: The Musical held earlier this year. The show chronicled a number of students partaking in university activities shown through musical numbers. Each character on stage was a portrayal of a university stereotype, such as the geek or the vixen.

Though a couple of the numbers fell flat, the show as a whole was incredibly well done, especially considering the short amount of time LMT had to prepare.

“This show was another first for LMT and included an amazingly talented cast and crew who were all a pleasure to work with and is why this production was also a great success,” said Nicole Boncheff, president of LMT.

Kim Moreira, director of the Legally Blonde show and performer in the revue, spoke about the differences between these two productions.

“It was weird because I was definitely more nervous, as the director, watching Legally Blonde than I was this time around, being on stage. It’s a different kind of excitement and pride,” Moreira commented. “Of course, it’s all very exciting and sad when it’s over but there’s always that great feeling of accomplishment too.”

Another major challenge that had to be dealt with in doing a show like this is adapting to a much smaller stage said Moreira in terms of challenges that the team faced. The Turret has a stage extension but is nowhere near the size of the Theatre Auditorium main stage.

This is the first year that LMT has done a second major show in one semester, which was another challenge.

“This production was less about selling tickets and filling seats as it was about trying something new and getting LMT’s name out there,” continued Moreira.

Boncheff also commented on a couple of the reasons for doing a second show, “Legally Blonde was not only a huge success but gave us a lot of momentum to finish the year off strong. Typically LMT does only some small events after the annual production however when our executive producer proposed the concept and set list we agreed it would be the perfect way to end such a spectacular year”.

“We wanted to continue to be a strong campus club aside from the big production while giving students as many opportunities as possible to partake in theatre on campus,” Boncheff continued.

Though the crowd was small, the enthusiasm was present and it resulted in a highly energetic show.

LMT has not decided their show for next year, but if this performance is to reflect the coming season, it will certainly be a prosperous year for the club.

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