Fire at 339 King St. construction site

Crews battle the blaze at 345 King St. (Photo by Nick Lachance)
Crews battle the blaze at 339 King St. North (Photo by Nick Lachance)

At about 2:33 p.m. on Thursday, a fire broke out on the construction site at 339 King St. North just before Columbia St. According to John Percy, the public education officer for Waterloo Fire Rescue, the cause of the fire is still unknown. However, he did state that there are “no injuries at this time.”

Fire crews battled the blaze for about 45 minutes until it was put out around 3:15. Percy added that there was no damage done to the building itself or to the buildings next to it. A lift and other equipment were on fire in front of the building, which resulted in thick black smoke that was visible blocks away. Percy said there was no cause of concern for the two buildings next to 345 King St., both of which are primarily student residences.

As a precaution, Waterloo Regional Police Services closed off King St. from University Ave. to Columbia St. for part of the afternoon.




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