Event thanks students for contribution to Student Life Levy


On Jan. 27, Laurier’s Development and Alumni Relations team showed their gratitude to students for their generosity over the years.

Various employees from Development and Alumni Relations dished out bowls of ice cream and provided toppings such as chocolate syrup, cherries, and purple and yellow sprinkles.

The ice cream was a token of appreciation on behalf of University Development for students who have made donations through the student life levy to help the school stay competitive.

“The event is a celebration of the generosity of students over the past eight years through the Student Life Levy,” explained Rob Donelson, vice-president of Development and Alumni Relations.

According to Donelson, students have donated a total of $8.5 million. “They’ve supported projects that have improved the quality of student life,” said Donelson.

Students are currently charged $41.92 each semester to be contributed to the Student Life Levy (SLL).

In next week’s students’ union election, students will be asked on the online ballot if they agree or disagree with the following referendum question regarding the SLL: “I favour the renewal of the Student Life Levy and continued enhancement of student life at WLU through a project fund for special initiatives, including but not limited to, an Athletic Complex Fitness Centre expansion. In order to accomplish such enhancements, I favour the renewed fee assessment for a Student Life Levy commencing May 1st, 2011, on a non-refundable per 0.5 credit basis of $8.00, increasing 2.25% each year, until expiry on April 30th, 2021.”

“So we wanted to acknowledge that leadership in students and say ‘thank you.’”
Former Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union (WLUSU) president Allan Cayenne was present and explained that every year, the Student Life Levy supports a different project.

Cayenne explained that the WLUSU president is very involved with overseeing these projects. “We go over submissions early and make sure that they’re going to suit student life… things that are going to enhance the student experience at Laurier.”

During Cayenne’s year as president, the Student Life Levy supported improvements to University Stadium. In the past, student donations (coupled with staff, alumni, and parent donations) have contributed to improvements to the Library, the construction of the Co-op and Career Services Centre and Alumni Field.

While this year’s project has yet to be determined, funds are currently being raised through various means and projects. Every year, an “area of greatest need” is determined for where to direct these funds, usually after fundraising is completed.

Current WLUSU president Kyle Walker and some presidential candidates for this year’s WLUSU elections attended the event, as well as representatives from Residence Life, Athletics and university administration.

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