Elevating Laurier Leaders speaker series moves online


Wilfrid Laurier University has brought its four-part Elevating Laurier Leaders (ELL) series to a virtual format hosted over Zoom this year.  

The series aims to bring together accomplished Laurier alumnae to advance women’s leadership.  

“Through these events, Laurier is establishing a strong and supportive community of women from diverse industries and backgrounds who are dedicated to supporting each other in their journeys,” a Laurier press release about ELL said.  

The first event of the series, “Black Women in Leadership”, took place on Sept. 22.  

“Throughout their careers, Black women negotiate unique experiences based on the intersections of gender and race. Many institutional spaces problematize Black women’s identities and labour, and this systemic and interpersonal harm can have a profound impact, including causing a ripple effect on their long-term success,” the online event description said.  

Lauren Burrows, the education and inclusion coordinator in the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Laurier’s Brantford campus, moderated the session.  

The second part of the ELL series, “Imposter Syndrome,” will take place on Oct. 15 and will address the persistent feelings of self-doubt associated with this psychological pattern.  

The panel will aim to support women through negative self-talk and offer ways to work through those feelings.  

The remaining ELL sessions “Negotiations” and “Building Community by Supporting Local” will take place on Nov. 9 and Dec. 9 respectively.  

Each event is free to attend and only requires registration.  

“We are proud to bring our successful Elevating Laurier Leaders speaker series to alumni virtually this year. This series brings panelists of alumnae together to share honest reflections of their leadership journeys, to support and empower fellow alumni in their own leadership development,” Bridget McMahon, assistant vice-president of Laurier alumni relations said in an email statement.  

“While primarily focused on the unique perspectives of women in leadership, all alumni and members of the community are welcome to participate,” McMahon said.  

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