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As the winter stretches on and the days (slowly) get longer, I find myself having too much time to reminisce on past moments I’ve had in my life.

Graphic by Kash Patel

I also have too much time to wonder about why time seems it’s passing much quicker in my 20s.

I feel like I was 18, blinked, and suddenly became 23.

I know there’s logical answers to this question – I’m busier now, I have a “big girl job.”

However, I often wonder if it’s because there’s nothing I’m anticipating.

When you’re in your teens, there’s always some big milestone to look forward to.

Learning to drive, graduating high school – deciding if you’ll go to university or not. There’s a lot to anticipate.

Yes, when you’re in your 20s there’s milestones – moving out on your own, etc.

However, in today’s world, where everything is overpriced, these milestones are less accessible.

Suddenly, working to graduate high school seems like a much smaller task than it did when you were in it.

How can it compare with trying to find a job that will give you good health insurance and a fair paycheck?

Now, the stakes seem bigger. I’m aware that I’m blessed to be in the position that I’m in. I understand I come from privilege.

But I really do miss those concrete milestones I had when I was a teenager.

Perhaps being a true adult means that you start creating your own milestones – even if they only mean something to you.

We’re all running a different race, with a goal that only has significance to us.

Just make sure you come in first place.

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